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Shoveling Snow Off In Bucharest

After a looong while, I decided to post something more on my blog. Eric has been using most of my spare time (when I was home…) and since I’m not a very frantic blogger (and I will stop procrastinating tomorrow…) I did not miss posting $STUFF here.

As you probably heard, we’re experiencing a pretty […]

Next gen pilot in the family

As I should have said in a previous post, when we placed the order for our new car we didn’t know that we also “placed an order” for a new member of our family. We found that out almost 2 months later, after some subtle changes in my lady‘s behavior. And I must admit it […]

“Sluga la doi stapani” sau cum se promoveaza un teatru 2.0

WARNING: The following post is in Romanian. For an approximate translation, you can check this link provided via Google Translate.

Doamna mea, care este mult mai web 2.0 si mai social media fata de soarecele de biblioteca calculator eu, a primit pe cale directa o invitatie de la Stefan Murgeanu pentru un eveniment organizat de […]

Piano. Not “forte”… yet

Late last year I discovered that I have quite a number of hobbies. Coincidence or not, all of them are of the “outdoor” type. And I discovered that during the severe weather conditions – wet / snowy, cold and windy – I’m stuck inside with not much to do. And it annoyed me.

I like […]

A long wait worth it

Finally, as mentioned in my previous post, “it” has arrived. “It” being our new Skoda Octavia 2 Facelift. Still red, as our current car, a very good Dacia Logan. I won’t start comparing them – it’s like comparing a 286 against a Pentium Core 2 Duo. “It” feels good – and NEW. 🙂 I spent […]