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“Sluga la doi stapani” sau cum se promoveaza un teatru 2.0

WARNING: The following post is in Romanian. For an approximate translation, you can check this link provided via Google Translate.

Doamna mea, care este mult mai web 2.0 si mai social media fata de soarecele de biblioteca calculator eu, a primit pe cale directa o invitatie de la Stefan Murgeanu pentru un eveniment organizat de […]

SPR Mod 0 for sale

Almost a year ago I discovered the game of Airsoft. I don’t like to go to the gym, but I still like to make some physical effort from time to time. And since I was a “n00b”, I tried to head towards something not very expensive but that could allow some popular upgrades. So I […]

A long wait worth it

Finally, as mentioned in my previous post, “it” has arrived. “It” being our new Skoda Octavia 2 Facelift. Still red, as our current car, a very good Dacia Logan. I won’t start comparing them – it’s like comparing a 286 against a Pentium Core 2 Duo. “It” feels good – and NEW. 🙂 I spent […]

RC sailing 21 years later

21 years ago, during a nice summer day in Constanta, my uncle let me use a radio remote control transmitter for the first time in my life. It was controlling a sail boat, a nice device built entirely by him. The only purchased items were the accumulators and the control servos. Other than that, the […]

The Historical Film Festival in Rasnov

Yesterday we decided to take a trip to the medieval fortress in Rasnov, Brasov county. The compelling reason for me was the presence of Tritonic Publishing House and of its general manager, Bogdan Hrib, who decided to organize an airsoft shooting range in the area. A must see, for me…

Tritonic is the organizer of […]

Vivat Acromaster!

About one year ago I bought a very, very cool foamie. Expensive as hell for a foamie, but it flies heavenly. I’m talking about Multiplex‘s Acromaster, a very well engineered (German, d’oh…) air model. While the technical specs are rather common (around 1010 mm – 1,01 m – wingspan, 1120 mm length, powered by a […]


A while ago a friend of mine was telling me that he plays “airsoft”. Air+soft… not necessarily a self-explanatory syntax – or is it?

(For the record, when I was a kid we used polyethylene pipes – the rigid tubing used to build the cable ducts in concrete walls / floors / ceilings – cut […]

Un vis devenit realitate

WARNING: this post is in Romanian. For certain personal reasons, I chose this approach. If you’d like a translation, let me know and I’ll try to provide one. Stiu ca blogul asta e in engleza. Ma rog, l-am migrat eu la engleza cu oarece timp in urma. Dar bucuria pe care am simtit-o azi ma […]

Happy Easter from the airfield!

So, finally, “I can has good weather”. After being kept inside by either bad weather (what a lousy winter…) or various duties and tasks, I decided to use wisely the first day off with decent weather in this year. So, on Sunday April 4th – the very first Easter day – we headed to the […]

First indoor RC flight attempts

It is one week – or even less – until this year’s Aeropower Indoor Challenge event, which takes place, as usual, in the Concordia sports hall in the nice village of Chiajna, near Bucharest. Given that Milady has bought me an indoor flying model – Malibu F3P – as a Christmas present (on the condition […]