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The Historical Film Festival in Rasnov

Yesterday we decided to take a trip to the medieval fortress in Rasnov, Brasov county. The compelling reason for me was the presence of Tritonic Publishing House and of its general manager, Bogdan Hrib, who decided to organize an airsoft shooting range in the area. A must see, for me…

Tritonic is the organizer of […]

Operation Black Thunder – 2010

Like I said in a previous post, I came in contact with a very nice outdoor leisure activity called “airsoft”. 16 years ago I had my last shooting session (with LIVE ammo), as a student at the Romanian MTA, and I’ve been searching for ways to try this practice again ever since. Given that in […]


A while ago a friend of mine was telling me that he plays “airsoft”. Air+soft… not necessarily a self-explanatory syntax – or is it?

(For the record, when I was a kid we used polyethylene pipes – the rigid tubing used to build the cable ducts in concrete walls / floors / ceilings – cut […]

Un vis devenit realitate

WARNING: this post is in Romanian. For certain personal reasons, I chose this approach. If you’d like a translation, let me know and I’ll try to provide one. Stiu ca blogul asta e in engleza. Ma rog, l-am migrat eu la engleza cu oarece timp in urma. Dar bucuria pe care am simtit-o azi ma […]

More – and better – photos

I like taking pictures. It’s already stated in my profile, if I remember correctly. And so far I managed to take quite a bunch (over 20k) with my old Canon EOS 300D (Digital Rebel) – and boy, are they some nice memories! Still, the camera’s early technology was annoying me by the day, and despite […]