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SPR Mod 0 for sale

Almost a year ago I discovered the game of Airsoft. I don’t like to go to the gym, but I still like to make some physical effort from time to time. And since I was a “n00b”, I tried to head towards something not very expensive but that could allow some popular upgrades. So I ended up buying an improved version of a China-made (ACM, “All China Made”) M16 Navy SPR Mod 0 (Mk 12).

Since its acquisition (around August last year), I only managed to take it out for 3 practice sessions and one game. It was just about to see a second game, but that was a larger one where no “hi-cap” magazines were allowed. Since I didn’t get at least one mid- or low cap[acity] mag, my replica was excluded by default. No worries, I played with a pistol, which brought me the first 5 kills of my airsoft career. :)) But I found out that in order to be efficient in a DMR (Designated Marksman) role, this replica needs several improvements. It already has a good gearbox and a solid, high-torque engine, to compress the powerful spring (being a hot, 135 m/s, replica) so I added a precision barrel and hop-up bucking… but it still needs some add-ons: bipod, a good hop-up chamber, and of course the low capacity (50 BBs) magazines. And then I heard about an opportunity, someone who is giving away his P90. Since I’ve been a fan of the Stargate series, especially SG-1, a P90 seemed quite a hit. So I went to see it.

It is a lighter – MUCH lighter – replica, less than half of the fully loaded SPR. It is less powerful – and I will likely reduce its power even further, since I also intend to use it in CQB (Close Quarters Battle), where distances are rather small so the ball energy has to be reduced accordingly. It comes with a precision barrel and quite a number of standard mags – so what could I further ask for? Therefore I decided to put the SPR up for sale, eventually with the scope – quite big for airsoft, but useful for other long-range targeting activities.

The replica has only very light usage signs and it comes with all original accessories included save a front handle I gave a friend sometime ago. The original connectors have been replaced with more reliable, air model-grade Deans, capable of sustaining up to 40 A. The only really visible usage signs are a small scratched area on the front scope cover.

Update: the SPR has been sold to a friend of mine who has finally managed to start practicing this wonderful game. Since he was looking for a good replica and liked this one. He’s happy with it, and we measured it today to find out it shoots at a very decent 120 m/s, slow enough for a rifleman role (allowed to also shoot on full auto, MED (Minimum Engagement Distance) of only 7 m. And I bought the P90 I saw when I wrote this post, and I’m VERY happy with it.

See you on the battlefield!

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