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Next gen pilot in the family

As I should have said in a previous post, when we placed the order for our new car we didn’t know that we also “placed an order” for a new member of our family. We found that out almost 2 months later, after some subtle changes in my lady‘s behavior. And I must admit it was a wonderful surprise.7 months passed by slowly, increasing the size of mom’s belly and reducing her mobility almost by the day. Leaving her alone was not an easy decision, but there were some trips I had to take – although I decided to decline any trip during the last month (that is, June 2011). It was an anxious wait, and we both knew that things were going to change after the heir’s arrival. Preparations were spread along the last 2 months (finding a bed, stroller, feeding bottles andΒ  so on). And the great day came…

On the 27th of June 2011, at 15:05, two wonderful doctors helped Eric Radu Cristian see the daylight. His mom passed through the stress of the entire procedure very well, and both are just great. Funny thing is that they both came home on the 1st of July, and their arrival was a source of great fun:

Since Max is our beloved guard and family member, it was only natural to introduce Eric to her so that she does not reject him – I wouldn’t give her away for the world, but relationships have to be managed. Upon arrival, when we made the introduction, Eric started squeaking a bit – moment when Max backed off and spent about one hour in the kitchen, afraid of this very small “thing” that cries and that’s new to her. She eventually caught up some courage and came closer. Now whenever she hears him cry, she quickly shows up to try to help him – although at this moment she cannot do much… πŸ™‚

Not much sleep on our side during the first two nights; however, we are getting accustomed to each other by the day, so last night we recovered a bit after the difficult beginning. So I can only hope that things will go from good to better each day – and each night as well. πŸ˜‰


Welcome home, Eric! We’ll see about your piloting abilities in a few years; until then, make sure you grow up well and healthy – and lucky too, you cannot replace luck with anything…

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